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Herald-Online is the official online home of The Herald of Christian Science. The Herald was given the following mission by Mary Baker Eddy, " proclaim the universal activity and availability of Truth." Four monthly print magazines (German, French, Spanish and Portuguese) and ten online Heralds (Indonesian, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Japanese), as well as online informal translations in several other languages, represent the international publishing activity of Christian Science.

The ten online Heralds and informal translations are available without a subscription. To access the latest issues, audio, and full archive of the four print Heralds online, you will need an active print subscription. Activate your access to Herald-Online using the account number printed on the mailing label of your Herald subscription. If you are not currently a Herald subscriber, you can subscribe to the print edition today online.

Print-Online Editions

Oktober 2014 - Deutsch
Volume 112, Issue 10 Die Bibel – eine frische Quelle ReadDie Bibel – eine frische Quelle ReadKniebeschwerden geheilt
Oktober 2014 - Français
Volume 097, Issue 10 La Bible : une source d’inspiration toujours nouvelle ReadLa Bible : une source d’inspiration toujours nouvelle ReadGuérison d’un problème aux genoux
Oktober 2014 - Español
Volume 064, Issue 10 La Biblia: Un manantial de agua fresca ReadLa Biblia: Un manantial de agua fresca ReadSana de su rodilla
Oktober 2014 - Português
Volume 064, Issue 10 A Bíblia: uma fonte de água fresca ReadA Bíblia: uma fonte de água fresca ReadCura de problema nos joelhos

More Online Editions

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Bentara Ilmupengetahuan Kristen Bentara Ilmupengetahuan Kristen
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L'Araldo della Scienza Cristiana L'Araldo della Scienza Cristiana
De Christian Science Heraut De Christian Science Heraut
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Ο Κήρυκας της Χριστιανικής Επιστήμης Ο Κήρυκας της Χριστιανικής Επιστήμης
Вестник Христианской Науки Вестник Христианской Науки
『キリスト教科学さきがけ』 『キリスト教科学さきがけ』